Ronin: A Checklist for Writers and Mercenaries

The 90s saw a revival of the kind of tense, talky, swift-as-a-racehorse suspense movies that previously peaked in the paranoid 70s (Three Days of the Condor and All The President’s Men are good examples: one grade above James Bond and one below, I dunno, The Godfather Part II).

Raiders of Character

Watching Indiana Jones as a child changed me irrevocably and I realized it as it was happening. I was five years old when I sat on the carpet of my grandparent’s living room watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on their enormous screen. As the nightmarish boulder chased Indy down that famous cave throat, I… Continue reading Raiders of Character

The X-Men #6, July 1964

“Though I am prince of the deep, monarch of the sea, my titles are hollow… my kingdom is empty and meaningless!!”—Namor the Sub-Mariner, X-Men # 6, 1964

Central Conflict: Namor VS. The X-Men VS. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

The X-Men #5, May 1964

“Never have you, the reading public, been so instantly fascinated by a group of super-powerful villains as last issue, when you met Magneto’s evil mutants!”

Central Conflict: X-Men vs. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


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