The X-Men # 9, January 1965

“Giant-Man!! Would you mind modulating your voice to a softer pitch? The resonance from your oversized larynx is virtually deafening!”

Central Conflict: The X-Men VS. The Avengers & Professor Xavier VS. Lucifer.

The X-Men #8, November 1964

“I am in the heart of the Balkans, in Europe… Descending into an almost bottomless pit!”

Central Conflict: The X-Men vs. Unus the Untouchable vs. (sort of) The Beast.

The X-Men #7, September 1964

“Seconds later, in answer to the time-honored carny battle cry, a group of husky roustabouts charge the mighty mutant!”

Central Conflict: The X-Men VS. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants VS. The Blob


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